Tapelight Transformer
TRTL01/02/03 (40W/96W/60W)
A dimmable voltage LED driver is class 2 rated and designed to operate with any standard MLV/Incandescent TRIAC (Leading edge) dimmer switch. Encased in a low profile aluminum enclosure that includes 2 knock-outs to enable easy installation makes it the perfect choice for under cabinet lights, tapelights and various LED fixtures installations. Our electrical specification includes Auto Reset, over current and short circuit protection. Efficiency of 90% and higher allows the driver to operate at low temperatures.

All transformers (40W/60W/96W) can be used with all LUMINIZ Tapelights.
Tech Specs
Input Voltage:120V AC
Output Voltage(V):24 VDC
Power Factor:0.95
Input Current at Max Load:0.41A (40W) | 1A (96W) | 0.61A (60W)
Output Current at Max Load:1.75A (40W) | 4A (96W)| 2.63A (60W)