4 Inch Gimbal Trim - MR16 PAR16 GU10 (Multiple Colors)

SKU: TG1121---C4N-C

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Model No:
  • TG1121---C4N-C: 4" Trim Gimbal (Brushed Nickel)
  • TG1131---C4W-C: 4" Trim Gimbal (White)
  • TG1141---C4WMC: 4" Trim Gimbal (Matte White)
  • TG1161---C4BRC: 4" Trim Gimbal (Brown)

    Spec Sheet

    Product Spec [4 Inch Gimbal Trim]

    Recommended Bulb
    • JDR
    • MR16
    • GU10
    • Airtight Construction
    • Auto-centering Retainer Clip
    Product Features
    • Easy Installation
    Compatible Housing
    Tech Specs
    Size (inch): 4
    C/F: Clear
    Clip Style: V-Clips
    Suitable for damp locations: Yes

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