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PAR16 (1CCT)

DR10101 (Single)

DR10102 (Double) 

DR10103 (Triple)

DR10104 (Quad)


PAR16 (3CCT)

DR10302 (Double)

DR10303 (Triple)

DR10304 (Quad)


DR10101(Single) Spec Sheet:  

DR10102 (Double) Spec Sheet: 

DR10103 (Triple) Spec Sheet:

DR10104 (Quad) Spec Sheet:

PAR16 (3CCT)

DR10302 (Double) Spec Sheet:

DR10303 (Triple) Spec Sheet:

DR10304 (Quad) Spec Sheet: 



Dimmable: Yes 

Input Voltage: 120V AC  

Output (Module) PAR16: 18-32V DC

Frequency: 60Hz 

Input Current: 

DR10101: 0.1A | DR10102: 0.15A | DR10103: 0.225A | DR10104: 0.3A

DR10302: 015A | DR10303: 0.225A | DR10304: 0.3A

Power Factor:  >0.95

Power: PAR16 (9W Per Module) 

Output Current: 300mA 



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