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Luminiz offers a wide spectrum of high quality SMD Tapelight. Our tapelight line offers 3 standard colour temperatures in 3000K,4000K and 5000K as well as RGB and RGB+W waterproof (IP68) and non-waterproof options. 


7.2W Non-Waterproof                         

TL015730I | TL015740I | TL015750I 

14.4W Non-Waterproof 

TL0151430I | TL0151440I | TL0151450I

7.2W Waterproof (5M) 

TL025730O | TL025740O | TL025750O

14.4W Waterproof (5M)

TL0251430O | TL0251440O | TL0251450O


14.4W RGB Non-Waterproof 


14.4W RGB Waterproof 


14.4W RGB+W Non-Waterproof 


Available in 3000K, 4000K, 5000K, RGB and RGB+W 

  • Able to use multiple units on the same driver
  • Cuttable and Bridgeable
  • Maintenance Free
  • Silent Operation
  • Instant On
  • Excellent for hot and cold weather applications
  • Environmentally friendly
  • No UV or IR Radiation
  • Extensive range of applications
Tech Specs Non RGB 
Voltage (V): 24V
LED Type: SMD3528
LED Quantity: 90 per meter |180 per meter
IP Rating: IP20 or IP68
Length: 5 Meters
Lumen (lm): 7.2W - 3000K [430lm] 4000K [480lm] 5000K [530lm]
14.4W - (3000K [1026lm] 4000K [1100lm] 5000K [1150lm]
Power (W/M):

7.2 W/M or 14.4 W/M

CRI: >90
Dimmable: Yes


Tech Specs RGB and RGB+W 
Voltage (V): 24V
LED Type: SMD5050
LED Quantity: 60 LEDS/M 
IP Rating: RGB [IP20 or IP68] RGB+W [IP20]
Length: 5 Meters
Lumen (lm): RGB [ 420lm p/M] RGB+W [8-10lm /LED RGB - 20-22lm /LED White] 
Power (W/M): 14.4 W/M

 ***RGB and RGB+W tapelight can only be used with a Luminiz RGB Tapelight Driver 

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